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It's been 5 years when I started working as a freelancer. Earlier, I was working in an MNC at a high position but didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoy working as a freelancer. Initially I wanted to use my spare time in a productive way so I started working as a part-time freelancer, but soon I realized that it's far better than my day job. It took some time to make up my mind whether I want to work as a full time freelancer or just want to do it in my spare time.

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So, I've been working on a few freelancing projects lately and I would like to present them. In this section you will be able to judge my work and skills.

FunSizeBoys Logo

FunSizeBoys - it's all about body size difference! If you aren't familiar with this niche series you need to catch up. It's all about two (or more!) partners sharing same desire but being built totally different.

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Doghouse Digital

Doghouse Digital - indulge yourself in the world of entertainment for adults - from Europe. This series features nothing but the finest performers in the most popular genres. Now also with American stars!


Jockpussy - your very own source of FTM transitions is here. Watch why so many transboys are on their personal journey to become a true man. Part of FTM+ Network!

Modern Day Sins Exclusive Series

Modern Day Sins - confess your sins. Or better, take a look at today's society and its ways of being filthy. This exclusive series takes you to the world of 7 deadly sins and their today's interpretation in a very spicy way.

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Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios - all the finest when it comes to gay erotica. Watch years of updates in the kinkiest fantasies. Find out why performers just love to act in here and why the keep coming back for more!

Brazzers Exxtra SeriesBrazzers Exxtra - the very finest of the Brazzers is hidden in this little subseries called Exxtra. If you are into some real things within your ZZ membership you need to browse all those videos we have for you!

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Filthy Family

Filthy Family - the kinkiest step family fun ever created. Watch family members doing about anything it takes to get laid. No matter which family sibling or member it is!

Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi - the Italian Stallion is still going strong. Watch his latest and upcoming adventures on dedicated video website we have just opened. All you wanted to know about Rocco and his crew - it's here!

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My Dirty Maid

My Dirty Maid - the finest girls in the most demanding house cleaning scenarios. Watch needy landlords asking for much more than dusting and polishing!

Tips on Applying For Online Jobs

One essential component of an application is mentioning the websites where your current writing samples have been posted. You can also include the urls of the specific task done by you.

In case you are a writer, you can post your articles on HubPages : it's a simple place to post content, it looks professional, and you even get paid based on the number of views your article gets. You might earn a good amount from it and the best part is you can easily send people to see your sample work.

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Creating Blogs: A Smart Way To Mark Your Online Presence

We all know how important it is to have a decent online presence in order to have a successful business online. There are several ways of enhancing your online presence on the internet. One such way is blogging.

Blogging has been around nearly since the beginning of the Internet itself, and it's developed from digital diaries to full-blown marketing tools. The way to effective blogging, from a marketing viewpoint, is to walk the fine line between conversational entertainment features and publicizing.

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I am great admirer of the internet and I love exploring it. Not only do I learn from it, I find it quite entertaining and engaging, it's even the source of my earnings. I shared my views on it and would love to hear from you. I hope my content will help you in answering your queries. I believe in learning and continuously evolving with the latest updates and innovations.

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