The Unique Online Schools Of Education

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The existence of distance learning is not something new in the field of education but over time it has evolved a lot. Earlier, the value of distance learning was not equivalent to classroom programs but now advanced technology and equipment have taken distance learning to a new place.

With the help of latest technologies, experts have created an interactive, media-rich digital curriculum. These online schools create virtual environments which provide easy access to faculties, peers and support structures.

There are many colleges which enhance their programs by adding courses as per the latest trends and new markets, to make sure that they provide the best programs and remain ahead of their competitors.

Here are some of the best online colleges which you can choose to enroll yourself to get the most of it.

  • University of Florida Logo

    University of Florida Logo

    UF Distance Learning, University Of Florida : Gainesville, Florida

    The University of Florida (UF) has several online courses to offer undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and specialist degrees. It also provides access to their Career Resource Center which allows the students to discover professional opportunities and to choose their job according to their skills.

  • VPISU Logo

    VPISU Logo

    Virginia Tech Online, Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University : Blacksburg, Virginia

    The university offers various graduate courses in systems, ocean and aerospace engineering.  It also provides an online orientation program to help students ease into the online learning environment.

  • Arizona State University Logo

    Arizona State University Logo

    Arizona State University

    The university offers online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in several areas including sustainability, behavioral sciences and technology. It has Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners among their faculty members to deliver the best lectures to distance learners. Students also get access to academic advisors, enrollment counselors and success coaches.

  • Herzing University Logo

    Herzing University Logo

    Herzing University

    It offers bachelor’s as well as associate degrees to online students in various fields including healthcare, IT, design, business and public safety. The university works closely with the industry professionals to design such curricula which are highly interactive for the students. Online students have access to the online library as well as an academic support center.

  • Ottawa University Seal

    Ottawa University Seal

    Ottawa University

    It offers about 23 bachelor’s degree programs in the fields of business, arts and science and education. At Ottawa, they follow 4:1 student faculty ratio for online programs and also provide an active personal academic advisor program. It offers some of unique courses such as counseling, social enterprise management and actuarial science.

  • Brandman University Logo

    Brandman University Logo

    Brandman University

    It offers 33 bachelor’s degree courses which are fully online and are based on education, business and professional studies, schools of arts and sciences, and nursing and health professions. The university is known as the leader in online course development and e-learning.

  • University of Maryland Logo

    University of Maryland Logo

    University Of Maryland

    It offers 31 fully online bachelor’s degree programs and more than 95 other online programs. Along with the courses, they provide 24 hours online writing feedback, technical support, career and academic advising as well as job search assistance.