Unemployment Is The Reason Why Many Countries Have Higher Number Of Freelancers

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The big question mark around the global recession is still debatable. The most important issue faced by the country, even in the present time, is jobs and unemployment. There can be no doubt about the fact that the nature of work is changing drastically. People want to work independently, doing away with office politics, long commuting hours and the nine-to-five grind. Studies have shown that people are generally dissatisfied as employment opportunities desired by people have become scarce. One answer to this problem is freelancing, which more and more people are now taking up – you can now work on your own terms.

Students spend thousands of dollars on their education thinking that they will wind up with a lucrative job in the end, but this is often not the case. After they graduate, they apply for jobs in often oversaturated industries, and just end up waiting longer and longer, which leads to reactive professional growth. Although earlier there was a stigma of unemployment or laziness attached to freelancing, this negative implication no longer stands up. In America itself, the number of freelancers operating is currently around 53 million. It is predicted that in another four to five years, freelancers will constitute 50% of the country’s work force. Below, we have given a few reasons for this changing trend in the working world.

Freelancers = Fresh Ideas for Internet

MyPervMom.com – Freelancer Series

The simple fact is freelancers usually come up with the freshest ideas in Internet, but their non-existent power to publish them kills the whole purpose. These people spend majority of their days browsing the Internet, noticing the social movements, new things, mixing things together and brainstorming in one word. This is why popularity of their services has been on a rise year by year.

Need an example? Take a look at MyPervMom.com – it’s adult series (so be sure to be aware of that) and it features taboo subject of step-family sexual fantasies. You could see such content for years already (see Sis Loves Me as example) but it’s the first time series bring mothers to the party. And they are very perverted, as you will see browsing the videos. This is the purpose of being in the loop – you notice things, you add new value to it and you create a brand out of it. Just like My Perv Mom did.

Internet Marketplace Services

New businesses are looking towards the web to search and hire experts as it is generally a cheaper and faster process than traditional hiring methods. The online marketplace is growing and expanding, making the process of hiring very easy and simple with just a few clicks. This is an effective way to meet the employment requirements of every project rather than keeping permanent employees on the payroll. This trend in the service sector follows the same kind of online marketplace as that used for buying goods, like Amazon or eBay.

Now People Can Work From Anywhere

Why sit at your desk and work on a computer when you can do many of the same tasks with a smart phone or a laptop from just about anywhere these days? It is very easy to design, write codes or even crack endless deals just sitting in your home, car or even a coffee shop.


Build Your Brand

Working independently as a freelancer gives you innumerable opportunities to promote your business without a team of marketers. Creating a brand is no longer limited to big enterprises or advertising agencies. You can effectively use your phone to create videos or use Google to research the market to find prospective customers on the web. The online marketplace is constantly expanding, providing ways and means to showcase your promotional material and get reviews from your clients and customers.

Be Independent

Working independently certainly gives you control over your time, allowing you to work as much or as little, as and when you want. As it is, most people change jobs many times over the course of their lives, but they are always answerable to their boss. At times, work schedules don’t allow you to spend quality time with family or fulfill the needs of your children like attending their parent-teacher meets or their dance recitals. Sometimes students want to work and earn a little extra for their education. So, freelancing is the answer – you are in full control of your time in this constantly progressing world.

Follow The Money

It is observed that people working independently are not only surviving but thriving too. This new avenue of entrepreneurship, also called the “gig economy”, has met the demand for labor force. This indicates that there are lots of chances and opportunities for people to work independently.

The truth of the matter is that freelancers have generated millions in income over the last few years. The annual increase in income generated is nearly twenty percent year-on-year, every year. Another benefit of freelancing is that self-employed people have a tendency to employ other self-employed people, creating an independent, self-sustaining job generating cycle.